Connected consumer

Smart and connected

As consumers become increasingly informed, shopping decisions are impacted and evolve to suit the world around them. Consumers now have instant access to comparisons of price, product quality, and brand ethics. Being digitally connected is heavily integrated in consumers’ daily lives, creating a deepening desire for instant gratification and propensity to multitask.

Growing distrust of companies, particularly multinationals, along with higher expectations, drives consumers to be well-informed.

According to GlobalData, this is why digital is key to manufacturers:

  • Personalisation – Brands can now actively engage with consumers to develop customised goods according to personal preferences.
  • Demand for convenience – Digital technologies make shopping easier for consumers via mobile points of sale.
  • Transparency – Brand image is increasingly important for simplifying shopping in a world oversaturated with information.


Tirlán is a large nutrition company with multiple brands and products sold across the globe. Transparency, convenience and speed are key to us, our customers and consumers.

We are harnessing the trend of being smart and connected in many ways. By doing so, we aim to act as a modern nutrition company in a modern environment that is changing at an accelerating pace.

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