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Truly Grass Fed

Truly Grass Fed is a premium grass-fed dairy ingredient brand for Food and Nutrition companies to support and endorse their natural brands in market. Truly Grass Fed is on a mission to do dairy better. With small herds and a passion for the art of farming, natural Truly Grass-Fed products are made from milk from cows that graze in open pastures for most of the year. Our portfolio includes milk proteins, whey proteins, cheese, butter and casein to suit all needs. When choosing Truly Grass Fed , you can be assured that you’re choosing ingredients that adhere to our highest standards of nutrition, flavour and quality.

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Working with nature

Truly Grass Fed cows live how nature intended; outside and free to roam. Meet Bryan Daniels, one of our our dairy farmers, who explains how he tries to do things naturally on his farm by working with nature.

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