CheddMax Super Slice

CheddMax Super Slice is a highly functional cheddar cheese solution which consistently delivers exceptional slicing texture and functionality all year round.

It is the smart solution for optimum performance on today’s high speed slicing lines that require cheese with optimized slicing functionality and consistent performance.

It is designed for use in a variety of processed cheese end products such as: Retail & Food Service, Sliced, Dicing and Grating/shredding.

Manufacturing Challenges

image of sliced cheese

Superior Functionality

Slicing consistency can be challenge for manufacturers. CheddMax Super Slice exhibits superior functionality that is designed to deliver outstanding slicing texture and functionality for today’s high speed slicing lines.

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Excellent Melt

Stretch & melt are key attributes for cheese when heated. Cheddmax Super Slice provides excellent melt and stretch when toasted or melted.

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High Performance Cheese

CheddMax Super Slice is a high performance cheese that can help you reduce downtime in your manufacturing process.

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