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Plant-Based Desserts

Oat-Standing™ Functional Oat Flour and Liquid Oat Base can help manufacturers deliver a range of plant-based desserts including, mousse and custard. Consumers are looking for more plant-based option to bring variety into their diet.

Oat-Standing™ Liquid Oat Base is a perfect solution to be used in a variety of plant-based desserts. It delivers a sweet sensory experience and a smooth mouth feel in the dessert.

Oat-Standing™ Functional Oat Flour is milled through a proprietary process, providing a consistent viscosity throughout heating and cooling cycles. It is an ideal ingredient when you are looking for functional benefits in plant-base desserts.

Manufacturing Challenges

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Oat-Standing™ Liquid Oat Base and Functional Oat Flour provides a silky, smooth finish and creamy texture to plant-based desserts.

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Oat-Standing™ Functional Oat Flour provides a neutral base while Oat-Standing™ Liquid Oat Base adds a natural sweetness resulting in an indulgent plant-based dessert.

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Clean Label

Consumers are seeking transparency and clean label formulated dessert products that use natural ingredients. Our oat ingredients are sustainably sourced from Irish family farms.

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