Tirlán achieve a Gluten Free Standard of less than 5ppm

Tirlán, Ireland’s largest dairy company and the biggest buyer of Irish grains, has achieved a <5ppm gluten free standard for their food grade oats.

Tirlán Gluten Free Oats now have a gluten guarantee of <5ppm compared to the industry standard of <20ppm. This gluten-free standard is achieved through a strict closed-loop supply chain.

Tom Finlay, Head of Strategic Alliances at Tirlán said: “Tirlán have surpassed the industry standard for many years with a <10ppm gluten free level. Reaching a <5ppm gluten free level is a huge achievement and a testament to the hard work of our Agronomy team, Quality team and our Gluten Free Oat Growers. This achievement gives our customers the added assurance that they can rely on from Tirlán.”

OatSecure™ - Tirlán’s Closed-loop Supply Chain

Tirlán’s gluten free integrity is attained due to the Tirlán developed closed-loop supply chain system called OatSecure™.

OatSecure™ is a unique 14-step process encompassing seed development, land and grower selection, sowing, crop monitoring, harvesting, drying, storage and milling.

It was developed in conjunction with Tirlán selected supplier farmers who work to a strict code of practice.

  • Tirlán Agronomists select the fields where the oat crop is grown.
  • Only the purest oat seeds are grown, and all seed used is traceable.
  • Drills are inspected before sowing to avoid contamination.
  • All fields are mapped and rigorously inspected throughout the growing season.
  • Harvests are done with dedicated Tirlán-leased combine harvesters and transporting equipment to ensure no contamination risks.
  • Sampling and testing at the grain intake are a verification of the agronomy inspections from seed selection to harvest.

Tirlán’s Gluten-Free Oat Processing Facility

Once the oats have passed through every step in the 14-step OatSecure™ supply chain process: they undergo processing at Tirlán’s ultra-modern, state-of-the-art Buhler-equipped Oat Mill in Portlaoise, Ireland. One of the most hygienic and technologically advanced facilities of its kind in the world, the Oat mill is BRC grade AA accredited, a standard recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative.

The oats are further rendered safe by a validated 4.6 log heat treatment process that eliminates pathogens and deactivates lipases to reduce oxidation and extend shelf life to 18 months.

Oat-Standing™ Portfolio of Oat Flakes and Flours

Tirlán has an extensive range of oat flakes and flours. Sourced from Irish family farms, great care is taken to guarantee the highest quality of oats - conventional, organic, and gluten-free.

The range of oat flakes and flours can be used in a range of solutions and applications to deliver great tasting, highly functional and nutritious products.

Gluten Free Accreditation