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Tirlán launch Oat-Standing™ Gluten Free Liquid Oat Base

Tirlán, the country’s largest dairy company and the biggest buyer of Irish grains has expanded their oat portfolio to include an Oat-Standing™ Gluten Free Liquid Oat Base, which can help manufacturers meet demand for gluten free, natural, and functional oat products.

Oat-Standing™ Gluten Free Liquid Oat Base is an oat concentrate that solves the common challenge of grittiness found in standard plant-based options. It is easily incorporated into a variety of beverages and dairy alternative applications. This liquid oat base delivers a pleasantly sweet sensory profile and a smooth texture in the finished product.

Oat-Standing™ Gluten Free Liquid Oat Base is made using Oat-Standing™ Gluten Free Oats grown on Irish family farms through our strict closed-loop supply chain called OatSecure™.

Yvonne Bellanti, Category Manager Plant at Tirlán, said: “Our range of Oat-Standing™ Oat Ingredients is continuously expanding, and we are delighted to extend the range from flakes and flours to include our new Liquid Oat Base. Flavour and texture are key consumer motivators for our customers to consider while developing new products. Our Liquid Oat Base helps our customers to deliver a sweet sensory experience and a smooth mouth feel in the end product.”

Oat-Standing™ Gluten Free Liquid Oat Base is especially useful in dairy alternative applications, such as oat beverages.

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