Tirlán launch Organic Oat-Standing™ Functional Oat Flour

Tirlán, the country’s largest dairy company and the biggest buyer of Irish grains has expanded their oat portfolio to include Organic Oat-Standing™ Functional Oat Flour, which can help manufacturers meet demand for organic, natural, and functional oat products.

Organic Oat-Standing™ Functional Oat Flour is milled through a proprietary process and provides consistent viscosity throughout heating and cooling cycles. This unique ingredient offers valuable functional properties, clean labelling, and whole grain benefits and flavour.

Organic Oat-Standing™ Functional Oat Flour is made using organic Oat-Standing™ oats which are grown in Ireland, without any synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilisers.

Research shows that consumers want to see improvements in the taste and texture of plant-based food and beverage products. Organic Oat-Standing™ Functional Oat Flour helps manufacturers respond to these needs by offering an exceptional sensory experience; with a smooth mouthfeel and a clean oaty flavour.

Tom Finlay, Head of Strategic Alliances at Tirlán said: “We introduced our organic offering of oat flakes in 2021 and are delighted to be adding our Organic Functional Oat Flour to that range. Our customers look for ingredients that are natural, nutritious, and functional and our Organic Functional Oat Flour meets those requirements. All our solutions are tailored to meet the needs of today’s complex plant-based formulations.”

Organic Oat-Standing™ Functional Oat Flour is especially useful in dairy alternative applications, offering valuable functional properties and nutritional benefits.

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