image of an older woman in the sea swimming

DEFRAIL – Diet and Exercise in frailty

DEFRAIL was a study performed to evaluate the effect of exercise and protein supplementation on frailty. The research was completed in conjunction with RCSI, WIT and the Department of Medicine in University Hospital Waterford. The study involved and eight-week multicomponent group exercise program, suitable for community delivery, with protein supplementation from Avonmore Protein Milk. Avonmore Protein Milk is fortified with Solmiko Advanced Milk Proteins and 500m provides 25g of protein.

The study demonstrated that the combination of a diet including Solmiko fortified milk and resistance exercise may be an effective community-based means of reversing frailty and its associated adverse outcomes.

To read the full details of the DEFRAIL study and get the full insights please download our document in full.