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Accelerated Mature

Our natural cheddar solution is a versatile cheese suitable for various applications, delivering a mature flavour profile after 6 months, specifically tailored for use in processed cheese.
Traditionally, cheese flavour development is a gradual process. However, through customised recipe formulations, we’ve successfully accelerated and enriched the flavour development of our cheddar heese solution , achieving a mature taste in significantly less time.

Manufacturing Challenges

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Flavour Profile

Our Cheddar is available for offtake at 6-9 months or for further maturation up to 12 months depending on your flavour profile  requirements.

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Our accelerated mature cheese solution addresses warehouse challenges by reducing maturation time and eliminating the need for prolonged storage costs.

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Our cheese solution is manufactured in our dual state-of-the-art facilities providing manufacturers greater security of supply.

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