grilled sandwich with edam cheese


Our Irish Edam cheese, produced from grass-fed cows, boasts a mild and creamy taste. This adaptable cheese suits a wide range of uses, fulfilling both functional and sensory customer requirements.

Our  Edam range is currently available in 15kg  loaf and block formats which is suitable for formatting into slices or shreds.

Manufacturing Challenges

grilled sandwich with ham and edam cheese


Our Edam cheese offers a firm yet flexible slice that bends smoothly without breaking. When grated, it provides an exceptional texture, yielding consistent and uniform sheds.

slices of edam cheese


Edam cheese has a delicious mild, nutty flavour with a smooth, slightly firm and creamy texture suitable for a variety of applications.

grated edam cheese


Our Edam cheese is versatile, catering to manufacturers’ requirements in various forms, including slices and shreds.

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