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Oat Beverages

Tirlán’s Oat-Standing™ ingredients can help manufacturers deliver a range of dairy alternative beverages, from plain or flavoured oat milks to fruity lifestyle beverages.

Oat is the leading ingredient for dairy alternative beverages. Consumers seek out oat beverages that offer a smooth texture, natural sweetness, and a clean ingredients list.

Manufacturing Challenges

oat beverage

Manufacturing Equipment

Tirlán has a range of oat solution to suit all manufacturing set ups.

Whether you are looking for base material to process inhouse or a turnkey solution suitable for a liquid or dry setup, Tirlán has the solution for you.

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Through our unique hydrolysis process, Tirlán’s Oat- Standing™ Functional Oat Flour remains fluid and pourable through Ultra-High Temperature processing (UHT) and retort.

Oat-Standing™ Liquid Oat Base is fully soluble, resulting in no sedimentation in beverages.

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Tirlán’s Oat- Standing™ Functional Oat Flour provides a clean oaty flavour and natural sweetness.

Oat-Standing™ Liquid Oat Base provides a pleasantly sweet taste allowing you have no added sugar in an unflavoured oat beverage.

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