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Continental Cheese

Our range of Continental Cheeses includes Edam and Gouda style cheese made from Irish grass-fed milk. Manufactured in our state-of-the art facility in Belview, our continental style cheeses display excellent taste and functionality that customers desire.

Our Gouda & Edam range are currently available in 15kg loaf and block formats which is suitable for formatting into slices or shreds.

grilled sandwich with ham and edam cheese


Our Irish Edam cheese, produced from grass-fed cows, boasts a mild and creamy taste. This adaptable cheese suits a wide range of uses, fulfilling both functional and sensory customer requirements.

beef burger with cheese and bacon toppings


Our Gouda cheese offers a delightful combination of mildness and creaminess, making it a versatile choice for various culinary applications. Whether grated over pasta, melted in sandwiches, or enjoyed on its own, this cheese promises to elevate any dish with its rich flavour and smooth texture.

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