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Quick Cook Oat Flakes

Suitable for porridge pots and quick oats

Our Quick Cook Oat Flakes have excellent functionality in cereal solutions. They are steel cut oats that have been steamed and flaked. The smaller flakes allow for a quicker cooking time.

These whole-grain oat flakes have an 18-month shelf-life. They are white to yellow brown in colour and have a clean, oaty flavour and aroma. They have consistent flakes and high water absorption which makes them perfect for quick cooking. They will cook in 2-3 minutes.

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In cereal

Oats can provide a perfect start to the day or a quick snack by meeting individual preferences and tastes. Oats naturally contain a wealth of important nutrients including high fibre and complex carbohydrates which results in a slow release of sugar into the blood providing a sustained energy supply to the body. 

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In bakery

Quick Cook Oat Flakes are suitable for a wide variety of bakery applications. They provide baked goods with a uniform look and soft texture in the finished product. 

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