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Steel-Cut Oats

Adding texture and flavour

Steel-Cut Oats are oat groats cut into 2-3 pieces. These oats require a gentle cook for 30 minutes on the hob. When cooked, steel cut oats give a deliciously nutty and rich texture and are suitable for porridge, hot breakfast cereals, bakery, and black pudding.

They are yellow to golden brown in colour and have a clean oaty flavour and aroma. Our consistent grain quality leads to a uniform product with the same appearance and cooking time in every batch. Steel-Cut Oats are heat treated and have a long shelf-life of 18 months. 


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In porridge

Oats can provide a perfect start to the day or a quick snack porridge by meeting individual preferences and tastes. Oats naturally contain a wealth of important nutrients including high fibre and complex carbohydrates which results in a slow release of sugar into the blood providing a sustained energy supply to the body. 

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In bakery

Steel-Cut Oats are suitable for use in bakery applications to add a deliciously nutty flavour and rich texture. They are perfect for boosting flavour and nutritional values, along with a host of other benefits.

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