whey 35 muffins

Avonol Whey Protein Concentrate 35 Muffins

Manufactured from fresh, ultrafiltered whey, Avonol Whey Protein Concentrate 35 (WPC35) can be used to partially replace Egg in Muffins while maintaining great taste and functionality.

Manufacturing Challenges

While eggs have been traditionally seen as an essential ingredient in bakery applications, they also provide manufacturers with challenges.

Due to the challenges eggs create for manufacturers, there is a growing interest in the use of dairy ingredients as a partial egg replacement/alternative in the industrial baking industry which is also cost-effective. Avonol WPC35 is an excellent ingredient to partially replace eggs with a number of benefit’s over eggs.

baker with cartons of eggs


Eggs and liquid egg can be difficult to handle in the industrial manufacturing process.

box of egg cartons


Eggs and liquid eggs can require a lot of storage space and refrigeration.

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Egg prices can be unstable and supply risks can cause price fluctuations, making cost control difficult.

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