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CheddMax CC in Kids String Cheese

Our CheddMax CC is the perfect cheese solution to meet the demand for kids snacking in regions where the consumption of dairy is growing. It’s mild and creamy flavour make it suitable across a variety of process cheese applications.

It is specifically designed and tailored as a fresh ingredient cheese for further processing in the manufacture of processed type cheeses and into processed mozzarella type cheese delivering excellent stretch and melt in the final cheese product.

Manufacturing Challenges

Cheese Strings


Cheese strings made using CheddMax CC demonstrate a firm texture with excellent elasticity and bend as expected. It’s flexible texture ensures the cheese doesn’t break when bent.



String cheese needs to be flexible and pliable in texture. Cheese strings made using CheddMax CC demonstrates excellent peelability.

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Cheese strings made using CheddMax CC demonstrate a mild clean flavour meaning it’s the perfect snack for kids.

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