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Functional curds

CheddMax is our range of natural functional curds manufactured from high-quality pasteurised milk from Irish family farms. This multi-functional range has been designed to deliver a number of key benefits to enhance your processed cheese. It can easily be incorporated into existing processing equipment and recipes. 

CheddMax can be used as an ingredient in various foods to add sensory appeal, flavour, functionality and nutritional value. Depending on your needs, we can tailor the solution to address a range of challenges.

A range of applications


In processed & functional cheese manufacture

Our highly functional curds deliver consistent yield, texture and exceptional sensory characteristics while being easily incorporated into your existing recipes.

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Pizza Application

In Pizza Applications

Our CheddMax Range helps deliver excellent stretch and melting properties desired by Pizza manufacturers and final end consumers.

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Cheese sticks

In Kids Cheese Snacks

Our natural and nutritious cheese solutions meet the demand for kids snacking. From high protein to high  calcium, our mild creamy cheese is the perfect solution.

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