High Protein Bar

Tirlán’s high protein bar is made using our bespoke range of dairy proteins. The proteins used are all manufactured using fresh Irish milk and include, Promiko Whey Protein Isolate (WPI), Solmiko Milk Protein range (MPC & MPI) and Acid Casein. A blend of these highly functional dairy protein ingredients can provide the ideal high protein bar, supporting the growing trend of protein enriched convenient foods.

Challenges Manufacturers face when making a High Protein Bar

These challenges generally relate to ingredient ratio, using a blend of Tirlán’s highly functional dairy proteins can provide the ideal solution.


Stickiness & Clogging

Clogging of machinery and sticking to surfaces during protein bar manufacture can effect efficiency and yield.



Bar hardening is a concern when formulating protein bars. Customers are looking for products that will have great texture maintained throughout shelf life of the bar.


Cold flow/poor standup/deformation

This can be caused when the bar sags under its own weight after cutting and no longer fits into the intended packaging.

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