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Oats in Bakery

Oat-Standing™ Oat flakes and flours can help manufacturers deliver a range of baked goods including cookies, biscuits, and bars.

Consumers are looking for balance. They are seeking indulgent products that deliver great taste and texture but have better-for-you claims and functional benefits such as immunity support and ‘source of fibre’.

Manufacturing Challenges

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The flavour of oat is enhanced on heating. During baking, amino acids and reducing sugars react together forming a roasted, nutty-like oat flavour.

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Better For You

Oats are an excellent source of nutrition. Our nutrition team are on hand to help you achieve a high fibre or source of fibre claim in your product.

delicious oat flapjacks

Clean Label

Consumers are seeking transparency and clean label formulated bakery products that use natural ingredients. Our oat ingredients are sustainably sourced from Irish family farms.

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