3 young adults eating pizza at a festival

Webinar: CheddMax Natural Cheese Solutions

Meet flavour, convenience and functionality needs of consumers and manufacturers

With growing interest in healthy eating, the market for nutritious foods is on the rise globally and cheese is one of the categories emerging as a healthy and nutritious food. While cheese has long been used as a snack, the market has developed to encompass a wide range of individually portioned ready-to-eat cheese products suitable for consumption in the home, on the go and in lunchboxes, including slices, lunch kits, dips, mini portions, shapes, sticks and strings. There are many challenges manufacturers face in the development of these ready-to-eat cheese products and Glanbia Ireland has developed CheddMax to help manufacturers deliver the taste and functionality that consumers demand, while overcoming a number of manufacturing challenges.

In this webinar we will demonstrate how CheddMax, when utilised in customer applications such as natural formats or processed cheese, can deliver significant functionality, productivity, cost, flavour and nutritional benefits which can be passed on to the end consumer.

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