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Opti-Yo Greek Style

A complete range of tailored yoghurt solutions

Our technical experts have developed a complete range of yoghurt solutions tailored to meet the changing demands of discerning consumers. From high-protein, low-fat, low-sugar applications to indulgent spoonable snacks , Opti-Yo Greek Style offers a solution to perfect your formulation.

Manufacturing Challenges

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Recipe formulation

Specifically designed for Greek-style yoghurt, Opti-Yo Greek Style achieves superior dispersibility and higher bulk density while using your existing processing equipment. Opti-Yo Greek Style delivers an excellent clean flavour profile, high nutritional value and is easily reconstituted in milk.

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As with low or non-fat yoghurt, achieving a firm and pleasant texture can be a challenge. Manufactured from fresh ultrafiltered skim milk, our protein base formulation displays superior textural properties over a standard MPC in a high protein Greek-style yoghurt model.

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Greek style yoghurts are perceived as thick, creamy and full bodied. When creating low/non fat versions it can be a challenge for manufacturers. Our Opti-Yo protein base formulation displays fuller body, smoothness and firmness in the mouth, while having an attractive shiny appearance and clean dairy flavour when compared to a standard MPC.

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