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Opti-Yo Family Style Yoghurt

Opti-Yo Family Style is a complete range of our Avonol WPC ingredients tailored for yoghurt solutions.

Manufactured from fresh, ultra-filtered milk, Avonol has excellent flavour and functional properties making it suitable for yoghurt manufacture.

Manufacturing Challenges

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When manufacturing low/non-fat yoghurts viscosity can be a challenge as yoghurts can become less viscous and gloopy. Using our Avonol whey range, our yoghurt-based formulation displays excellent textural properties such as firmness and viscosity.

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Sensory experience is crucial when selecting the base ingredients used in yoghurt manufacture. Opti-Yo Family Style displays excellent body & smoothness in the mouth while maintaining clean dairy qualities associated with yoghurt.

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Water holding capacity

Syneresis can be a challenge for yoghurt manufacturers. In yoghurts the proteins’ ability to hold water is important as this controls the levels of syneresis over shelf life. Our Avonol WPC35 was comparable to traditional ingredients used in yoghurt manufacture while displaying excellent textural and sensory properties.

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